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Commitment to Diversity

HERC helps its member institutions to recruit and retain the most outstanding and diverse employees and contributes to diversifying the pipeline of faculty, staff, and executives in academe.

Increasing employee diversity is not only the right thing to do, but essential to achieving the academic missions of HERC's member institutions. Educating people of all backgrounds, beliefs and cultures takes a diverse academic workforce.

HERC particularly understands the acute need to remove barriers to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of talented faculty and staff from historically excluded populations who are currently underrepresented.

What HERC Offers Diverse Jobseekers

  • Comprehensive and transparent access to job opportunities.
  • Partnerships with organizations with diverse constituencies to ensure diverse higher education professionals are familiar with the HERC website.
  • Free jobseeker webinars with frequent diversity topics.
  • A comprehensive list of organizations, societies, and publications that serve diverse constituencies.
  • Regional multicultural resources to help with relocating to a new community.

What HERC Offers Member Institutions

  • Partnerships with organizations with diverse constituencies to ensure diverse higher education professionals are familiar with the HERC website.
  • Advertising campaigns in print and online media to reach diverse higher education jobseekers and professionals.
  • Attendance and booths at higher education professional conferences that serve historically underrepresented populations to promote the HERC jobs websites.
  • Conferences and webinars for member institutions on best practices for diversity recruitment and retention programs, policies, and practices.
John Kendzior
"Harvard University has been a supporter of HERC since its creation. To date we have measured the organization's effectiveness for us, and our membership has definitely returned more to the University when compared to our annual investment. In less than one year, Harvard saved nearly $35,000 in advertising discounts. In addition to recruiting some strong talent, we have collaborated with colleagues from peer institutions on a number of activities, including diversity-based forums, vendor negotiations, and membership meetings. HERC has also helped accompanying spouses and partners of faculty and administrators with their recruitment needs."

- John Kendzior, Director, Advanced Leadership Initiative, Harvard University

Title: What are the benefits of attracting diverse applicant pools?
Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Washington University in St. Louis
Title: Why is faculty diversity and equity so important in higher education?
Mary Harvey, Associate Provost for Program Development, University of Chicago
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