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WBB+McCormack is HERC's newest Trustee Level Partner.  WBB+McCormack is a joint venture between two minority-owned boutique search firms with its main offices in New York and California. 
Learn about member discounts with WBB+McCormack here.
1. If you had one word to describe what your company is all about, what is it? 


2. What makes your service stand out in the higher education recruitment and retention field?

A. A track record of completing searches at a range of private and public institutions.
B. Two-Year Candidate replacement guarantee – WBB+McCormack’s Two-Year Candidate replacement guarantee would apply to all professionals brought on board -- the longest guarantee in the search industry and our assurance of long-term performance and retention.  Should anyone hired by a HERC member institution be terminated for cause within two years from the date of hire, WBB + McCormack guarantee to replace the incumbent with a candidate of equivalent background and experience, should a HERC member wish, at no additional placement fee.
C. The Head of WBB+McCormack’s Higher Education Practice has over 20+ years experience in higher education including 11 years as a University Trustee.

3. What is the tool or resource you provide to clients that wins you the most accolades?

WBB + McCormack’s client management and project management methodologies and practices yield the most accolades.  

4. What is a trend you see in your field that affects higher education recruitment?

Creating an entrepreneurial model within the competitive higher education landscape to enhance quality student enrollment and increase student success.

5. Does your company have any new initiatives or products that would be of interest to HERC members?

Beyond traditional retained search, WBB+McCormack offers to its clients strategic pipelining, at times referred to as Project Access, a proprietary human capital management tool, which establishes relationships with diverse Centers-of-Influence; achieves diverse hires (women, people of color, LGBT and military service members (active and veterans), while simultaneously developing an inclusive pipeline of people assets for leadership succession and longer-term hiring needs. Further, Project Access will enable HERC members to brand themselves as a “talent magnet” for an emerging diverse demographic.

6. Why is partnering with HERC important to your company?

A HERC partnership with WBB+McCormack is important as it demonstrates a commitment to diversify the workforce within higher education to reflect the evolving representation of diverse students.   



ModernThink LogoModernThink is one of HERC's Trustee-Level Corporate partners and a strategic human resources consulting firm with particular expertise in workplace quality and employee engagement. Learn about member discounts with ModernThink here.

How to Respond to the New Title IX Fury

By Eileen Filliben Edmunds, JD/MBA, Managing Partner, ModernThink

One in six women and one in 33 men are victims of sexual assault during college, yet only 12% of rape survivors report the crime to authorities (MSNBC).

To shine light on sexual violence and harassment on college campuses, the Obama Administration established the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault in January 2014.  The centerpiece of its efforts is the website which provides sexual violence resources and helps students understand their rights under Title IX. In addition, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the Department of Education, now with stepped up investigation and enforcement authority, has published a list of 55 schools that have gone through, or are currently undergoing, one of its investigations. It is important to note that just being on this list doesn’t mean they violated the law. 

Reactions to these government efforts have been fast and sometimes furious.  Higher education leaders are scrambling, trying to navigate the requirements of Title IX and other federal laws, students are organizing protests and alumni are threatening to curb or even stop donations.

How should you respond to the Title IX fury?

  • Act quickly but not rashly.  Just as the White House Task Force moved full steam ahead, schools will need to follow suit.  However, don’t “shoot” first and then “ready, aim.”  It’s critical to start with an integrated plan.
  • Review and revise policies – both student as well as faculty and staff.  While the primary focus of NotAlone is student-on-student violence, your institution also needs crystal clear policies regarding any sexual contact between a student and a faculty or staff member.
  • Revisit and publicize all reporting mechanisms.  With only 12% of sexual assaults being reported, colleges can’t fix what they don’t know about, and victims who remain silent can’t get help.  Confidential reporting mechanisms are essential. 
  • Conduct a student climate survey.  The White House is now strongly advocating student climate surveys, and there are plans afoot to make them mandatory.  Get a head start by surveying your students first thing this fall.  Their feedback should help inform your plan and your revisions to policies.
  • Conduct a faculty and staff survey.  Title IX covers student contact with faculty and staff, too.  Be proactive and make sure your plan includes feedback from faculty and staff.
  • Conduct training.  There are a variety of trainings warranted under the current circumstances.  They include training:
    • Students about their rights and the reporting mechanisms
    • Campus first responders on how to best respond and react when dealing with a victim
    • Administrators and staff who will be involved in the investigation how to conduct a thorough, unbiased inquiry that protects the rights of both the accuser and the accused
    • Faculty and staff about their responsibilities and boundaries when it comes to interactions with students, including behavior that could lead to even a perception of impropriety

It’s a long list, but failing to act is simply not an option.  Among other benefits, this integrated response, especially the climate surveys, will become a vital tool in your institution’s overall risk management program.

Office of Disability Employment LogoNew FAQs on Recruitment, Retention

EARN has released a new document of frequently asked questions from employers on recruiting and retaining people with disabilities, including veterans. The document highlights key strategies employers can utilize to improve outcomes and leverage resources to facilitate an inclusive work environment. 

Click here to read "FAQ: Employer Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities and Veterans."

For more information and employer resources, visit

CyberChrome LogoCyberChrome is HERC's newest Trustee Level Partner.  It is a natural fit between an adaptable and dispersed organization and a design and production company with capacities that match those challenges. Learn about member discounts with CyberChrome here.

  1. If you had one word to describe what your company is all about, what is it? Integrity!
  2. What makes your service stand out in the higher education recruitment and retention field?  CyberChrome’s services, solutions, and people offer the unique advantage of combining to create a powerful, reliable single-source solution for the management and production of human resource recruitment and retention materials. Our full range of solutions includes web-based ordering centers that allow HR professionals access to an unlimited library of their organization’s print materials, digital assets, and physical items. Print and digital items can be presented in customizable template form, empowering users to modify and target messaging and images for specific audiences, such as events and demographics.
  3. What is the tool or resource you provide to clients that wins you the most accolades?  CyberChrome is recognized as a leader in providing innovative, single-source solutions, tailored to meet the materials management needs of specific business verticals. 
  4. What is a trend you see in your field that affects higher education recruitment? Digital printing and graphic communications are rapidly evolving, driven by ongoing advancements in technology. Changes to the materials management and distribution methods used by human resource professionals seem to have lagged behind other areas of the recruitment effort, and are therefore primed for change. Specifically, there is a definite need within the HR materials universe for controlled, direct access to customize recruitment and retention graphic communications to speak directly to specific demographics and respond quickly and appropriately to multiple initiatives. 
  5. Does your company have any new initiatives or products that would be of interest to HERC members? Some of our more recent developments include integrated print and video products; customized, on-demand die-cutting; and expanded inventory warehouse capabilities.
  6. Why is partnering with HERC important to your company?CyberChrome has a proven and unique set of tools and services for the management, production, and distribution of human resource recruitment and retention materials. HERC is the stand-out leader and recognized expert resource for HR recruitment within higher education, and therefore an invaluable partner and resource for CyberChrome.

Visit to learn more.

ODEP Alliance LogoHERC has an Alliance with the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) as part of its commitment to helping member institutions attract a diverse workforce.

The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is a policy office located in the Department of Labor to advance policies and systems change in the labor arena to advance employment for people with disabilities.  HERC members interested in the latest free resources and news of upcoming webcasts are invited to sign up for the ODEP News Brief at

ODEP points representatives from HERC member institutions to the following important resources:

  • The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the premier resource on accommodations.  JAN provides free trainings and consultations to assist in the accommodation process.
  • The Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) is a free resource for employers.  EARN offers trainings, on-site and customized technical assistance, and helps connect employers to entities serving people with disabilities to facilitate partnering.
  • The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) is intended to increase targeted outreach for employers to the WRP database. Employers can post jobs to the portal at Institutions can target outreach to a large demographic of talented candidates and increase internships and career opportunities for students/graduates with disabilities, including veterans.

See HERC's full collection of diversity resources here

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