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HERC Strategic Plan 2014-2018

In 2013, the HERC Advisory Board established a Strategic Plan to advance the Vision and Mission of the Organization from 2014 through 2018.

Transformational Themes:

  1. Distinctive: Focus on HERC’s key differentiators in higher education to maximize strengths and build on unique opportunities.


  • Focus closely on unique niche – Jobs at Smart Places / Diversity / Dual-Career / Both Faculty & Staff Recruitment

  • Enhance HERC’s global reach and brand while building upon regional networks and personal connections

  • Invest in raising HERC’s visibility with higher education jobseekers, particularly: women, minority, disabled, veteran, GLBTQ, STEM, part-time faculty and dual-career couple populations

  • Continue HERC’s practice of a collaborative, inclusive, diverse and egalitarian approach to service provision, programming, communication, partnerships and governance

  1. Sustainable: Plan for organizational sustainability by responding to constituents’ needs, providing clear return on investment to members and partners, and by diversifying revenue streams.


  • Expand the size and scope of membership

  • Identify untapped revenue sources to generate additional new revenue and diversify existing revenue streams

  • Ensure that HERC’s primary member and jobseeker benefit– the website and job board– are state-of-the-art, offering content and user experiences that are relevant and user friendly

  • Safeguard organizational success by evaluating central and regional HERC units and performing regular formative and summative assessments of central and regional compensated leaders

  1. Forward-thinking:  Increase the opportunities to be “best-in-class” in all that HERC does by being aware of and responding to industry, economic, and technological trends and the needs of HERC’s constituents.


  • Pursue possible outside endorsements, certifications, and/or “seals of approval” to present the HERC as a one-stop-shop for compliance and diverse recruitment

  • Stay current on rapidly changing technologies– social media, mobile web, blogs, online tutorials– that support job searches for diverse and dual-career jobseekers

  • Build academic partnerships that foster HERC visibility through dissemination of joint research projects, articles, and webinars

  • Evaluate offering certifications in recruitment and retention best practices

  • Consider alternative HERC board and committee models to engage time/treasure/talent and expand the pool of expertise and resources beyond what is already available from HERC’s Advisory Board and committees

  1. Data-driven: Focus on data-driven decision making and data-supported actions by enhancing data collection, data analysis, data dissemination, and data use.


  • Develop and implement the HERC data collection and reporting plan

  • Engage HERC member institutions and applicant tracking service providers in generating hiring outcome data

  • Document the HERC’s effectiveness in fostering diverse hiring and dual-career assistance

  • Foster increased engagement across HERC’s key constituents– job seekers, higher education and associated employers, and partners– through surveys and/or other means to identify constituents’ needs

  • Expand participation in surveys by considering new models of collection and survey design to increase participation and data

Jean Soderlund
"We have gained tremendous value from participating in HERC. The HERC website is a key facet of our dual-career program and has greatly simplified posting open faculty and staff positions. Equally valuable has been the opportunity to network with colleagues in Provost's Offices and Human Relations across the region to share insights on innovation and success in recruiting and diversity initiatives."

- Jean R. Soderlund, Professor of History and Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs, Lehigh University

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Title: How does HERC contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Mary Harvey, Associate Provost for Program Development, University of Chicago
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