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Become a Non-Profit Partner

HERC helps its member institutions recruit and retain the most diverse and talented employees and contributes to diversifying the pipeline of faculty and staff members in academe and related industries. Reaching out to diverse jobseekers and providing comprehensive and transparent access to job opportunities is a crucial way HERC helps.

HERC addresses the needs of dual-career couples in academe. Research has shown that the inability to find a job within a commutable distance of one’s partner can be a significant barrier to employment. HERC is the only organization to provide tools that enable partnered candidates to search for jobs that meet both individuals’ job search criteria. HERC has been recognized for its considerable success in this area.

HERC’s partnerships with organizations that serve women and minorities and other segments of the higher education population have provided important tools for the career success of the individuals our partner organizations serve. HERC’s partnerships have, in turn, enabled HERC to reach diverse jobseekers and increase the diversity of the applicant pools at our member institutions.

HERC’s non-profit partners receive exposure with both our over 1,700 representatives at over 600 institutions as well as our over 220,000 registered higher education jobseekers.

Every organization is unique and HERC meets with potential non-profit partners to first assess whether there is an alignment of mission. One that is determined, HERC works with each partner to develop an individualized partnership based on helping the other further its organizational mission and the needs of the constituents they serve.

Typically, non-profit partnerships are non-cash, in-kind exchanges that involve cross promotional activities that benefit each organization.

View a list of HERC’s non-profit partners.

Non-Profit Partnerships

Some non-profit partnerships have included:

  • Cross-posting logos/links/information on organizational/social media websites
  • Announcements about partnership in email communiqué to member/constituent lists
  • Announcements/articles/free advertising in organizational newsletters or publications
  • Member discounts on advertising/conferences/services
  • Providing webinars/workshops to members/constituents on topics of interest

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Laura Avakian
“Bright Horizons is very pleased to be a President-Level Partner to the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). We share a common interest in supporting the well-being and sustained creativity and productivity of your faculty members and support the HERC mission of addressing recruitment, employment, and dual-career challenges on their campuses.”

- Laura Avakian, Senior Advisor, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Title: What types of partnerships does HERC have with other organizations?
Kim Wilson, HR Business Partner, University of Richmond
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