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6 Questions for Dr. Damon A. Williams

By Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
October 11, 2017
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Dr. Damon A. Williams is a HERC Trustee Level Partner. Dr. Damon A. Williams is author of Strategic Diversity Leadership, The Chief Diversity Officer, and Towards a Model of Inclusive Excellence and Change in Post-Secondary Institutions.He created the National Inclusive Excellence Tour and broader campaign to empower 1 million leaders and 5000 organizations to create real and meaningful change in their lives, organizations, and communities by using more evidence based diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership approaches.  Learn more about Dr. Damon A. Williams here.


1. If you had one word to describe what your organization/company is all about, what is it?

Strategic Diversity Leadership


2. What makes your service stand out in the higher education recruitment and retention field?

I have authored among the most decorated books on diversity, equity, and inclusion change management ever published; worked with more than 1000 organizations; and served as a senior executive for the University of Wisconsin-Madison as vice provost and associate chancellor, and as senior vice president and chief education officer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, leading enterprise wide efforts, to build new strategies and leadership capabilities and skills with leaders around the world.


3. What is the tool or resource you provide to clients that wins you the most accolades?

The Inclusive Excellence Change Model with its comprehensive focus on shifting culture, creating accountability, incenting change, building diversity infrastructures, and improving diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes in the human resource arena, and more.


4. What is a trend you see in your field that affects higher education recruitment?

The development of diversity plans and campus climate research projects that do not result in new leadership development trainings, tools, and initiatives to improve higher education recruitment, retention, and outreach at colleges and universities, non-profit, government, and corporations.


5. Does your organization/company have any new initiatives or products that would be of interest to HERC members?

The National Inclusive Excellence TourTM with its goal to empower 1 million leaders and 5000 organizations to use more evidence based diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to create real and meaningful change in their lives, organizations, and communities.   


6. Why is partnering with HERC important to your organization/company?

HERC is a place for leaders that want to lead innovation.  These leaders question reality, look for solutions, thought partner with other innovators, try new ideas, scale what works, and lead with courage.  This is an incredible space for me to partner and help leaders to innovate their recruitment and retention capabilities, to strengthen their diversity, equity, and inclusion agendas.

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