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6 Questions for Hirezon

By Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
January 9, 2017

Hirezon is HERC's newest Trustee Level Partner. Specializing in HR software solutions, sales and service focused on the higher education industry. Highlights include web-based architecture (SaaS), shortest product implementation time in the industry and outstanding 24/7 customer support. Learn about member discounts with Hirezon here.

  1. If you had one word to describe what your company is all about, what is it?


  1. What makes your service stand out in the higher education recruitment and retention field?

Our deep understanding of the Higher Education space helps clients to create a seamless process that brings in top candidates from all possible advertisement sources including HERC job board. We provide a simple, web-based platform that helps clients expeditiously hire the best talents in higher education, while taking into consideration aspects of diversity as well as dual career-couples.


  1. What is the tool or resource you provide to clients that wins you the most accolades?

Our clients greatly benefit from the efficiency, flexibility and scalability that our solution offers. On-demand solutions, industry-leading implementation time, comprehensive reporting and top-class, live-person support are a few of the tools and resources that we are well known for in the industry.


  1. What is a trend you see in your field that affects higher education recruitment?

The biggest challenge in the recruitment arena happens to be tardiness with which higher education is adopting technology. Even today, approximately 40% of Universities and Colleges in the US are using paper-based manual process or outdated systems and processes for their recruitment, onboarding and performance appraisal. We believe that this is likely to change in the coming years as Higher Education is starting to adopt “Go Green initiatives”


  1. Does your company have any new initiatives or products that would be of interest to HERC members?  

Yes, we also offer onboarding and Performance evaluation and HR forms tracking. Our most recent product called Hirezon Pay-Per-Jobs ATS is meant to assist small colleges which are limited in their budget. This new product is comparable to our standard applicant tracking system from sourcing to hiring, except that it is offered on a job-by-job basis. More information about Hirezon Pay-Per-Jobs ATS can be found on


  1. Why is partnering with HERC important to your company?

Our recruitment software platform is uniquely positioned to support the HERC mission for its member institutions to source diverse applicants and talented dual-career couples. As an HERC trustee partner, we will explore all opportunities to assist HERC member institutions with our software solutions.

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