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6 Questions for JobElephant

By Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
June 26, 2017

JobElephant is a HERC Trustee Level Partner. JobElephant is driven to simplify and expedite recruitment advertising by facilitating the placement of ads with speed, exceptional customer service and maximum value to our clients.  Learn about member discounts with JobElephant here.


1. If you had one word to describe what your organization/company is all about, what is it?


2. What makes your service stand out in the higher education recruitment and retention field?

JobElephant is driven to simplify and expedite recruitment advertising by facilitating the placement of ads with speed, exceptional customer service and maximum value to our clients.  Our superior technology allows us to automate a large portion of our ad placement as well as track every ad we place, critically informing us which media outlets offer the best return on each client’s investment.  Founded in 2000, JobElephant is a full-service advertising agency specializing in recruitment (job posting) advertising. We are recognized worldwide by a variety of print and digital media outlets as an authorized agent for employment advertising.  Our clients span higher education the most prestigious colleges and universities in America.  JobElephant has gone from processing hundreds of ads per month to hundreds of ads per hour over the course of our 17+ years.


3. What is the tool or resource you provide to clients that wins you the most accolades?

No Extra Fees. As you may or may not know, most advertising agencies charge extra fees to place ads for you. JobElephant does not. We receive the standard agency commission when we place the ads so we get paid by the publications, not our clients. You get the benefits of a full service advertising agency without paying a dime more than doing the work yourself!  Jobelephant clients receive our suite of value added services at no additional cost.  cPortal, JobWrap, tearsheets,  graphic design, expert consultation.  Many value added services all at zero additional cost.


4. What is a trend you see in your field that affects higher education recruitment?

Analytics.  Data driven decision making is critical for all businesses today, especially for higher education’s limited budgets.  Jobelephant has been at the forefront of advertising analytics for 10+ years and continues to evolve it’s technology.  JobElephant has developed AppTrkr, a proprietary solution to track the response rate of ANY recruitment ad to inform the most effective campaign strategy.  For most hiring managers, knowing where to advertise a job is often a combination of guesswork and tradition (e.g., ‘We’ve always advertised here’). While not necessarily wrong, this certainly isn’t precise. Using our AppTrKr data, JobElephant will make additional data-driven recommendations for every campaign strategy we build based on best historical return on investment. All publications are not created equal and price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality. Your success is our success, and our recommendations will always be evidence-driven: not price-driven.

5. Does your organization/company have any new initiatives or products that would be of interest to HERC members?

Social Media cross posting.  Jobelephant has automated the process of promoting your open employment positions via your current social media profile pages.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all vital methods of communication for each university and having your available jobs in the feeds can create extra traffic and, ultimately, more applicants.  Jobelephant has a ‘Set it and Forget it’ product to solve this administrative task.


6. Why is partnering with HERC important to your organization/company?

Jobelephant has been partnering with HERC members for over 15 years posting thousands upon thousands of jobs to the HERC job board.  This service has allowed Jobelephant great exposure to showcase all of our key services in recruitment advertising.  Online Ads, Print Ads, Analytics, Automation, and Expert Consultation.

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