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6 Questions for The Chronicle of Higher Education

By Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
November 19, 2015
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The Chronicle of Higher Education is HERC's newest Trustee Level Partner. For more than 50 years, The Chronicle has been the No.1 source of news, information and jobs for faculty and administrative professionals in higher ed.  The Chronicle created Vitae (, an online community that brings together higher ed professionals to network and exchange ideas with peers across institutions, showcase their work, access free career resources, and seek professional opportunities.Learn about member discounts with The Chronicle here.

1. If you had one word to describe what your company is all about, what is it?

​Empowerment: we are the go to source for news, insights and career management in higher ed

2. What makes your service stand out in the higher education recruitment and retention field?

Attracting the world’s brightest and most talented candidates is only a fraction of what’s required for an institution to meet its goals. Retaining a successful and committed workforce requires understanding the significance of fostering an engaged and connected environment, particularly in higher ed.

This is why The Chronicle created Vitae, an online platform, allowing both administrative staff and faculty across the globe access to tools and resources they need to collaborate, exchange ideas, manage their career paths, and network with like-minded professionals.  Our Vitae community continues to grow and has over 600,000+ higher ed professionals across more than 4,000 institutions.

3. What is the tool or resource you provide to clients that wins you the most accolades?

Vitae members, from both faculty and administrative staff, rave about having the ability to successfully manage their career paths on Vitae, while being able to use the Vitae job board to attract qualified and engaged candidates.  

4. What is a trend you see in your field that affects higher education recruitment?

The world of recruitment has evolved in noticeable ways; particularly with where and how top qualified candidates are found in higher ed. Institutions are starting to understand the importance of developing a successful proactive recruitment strategy to compete in a highly competitive talent market.

5. Does your company have any new initiatives or products that would be of interest to HERC members?

The Chronicle of Higher Education now offers Vitae Recruiter, the only candidate search tool built for higher ed that enables institutions to find and recruit both active and passive candidates. This solution offers recruiters and hiring managers the ability to conduct deep searches for faculty and administrative professionals, while connecting them with candidates that best match specific hiring needs.

6. Why is partnering with HERC important to your company?

Partnering with HERC is important to The Chronicle of Higher Education because we support HERC’s vision to promote equity and excellence in higher ed recruitment worldwide. The Chronicle of Higher Education has served the higher ed community for nearly 50 years and is honored to be a Trustee Partner of HERC.

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