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Unlocking Talent Acquisition in Higher Education

By Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
November 28, 2017
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The future of talent acquisition has arrived. Digital platforms and automation are central to everyday tasks in the world of recruitment. And when it comes to transformational talent, educational institutions can’t afford to fall behind. To secure the best faculty and administration, higher education leaders must continue to adapt their HR processes alongside the evolving digital environment.

Successful HR leaders across different industries share common best practices: observant analytics, constant reevaluation, and readiness for change. International organizations Accenture and Siemens recently sat down to discuss HR strategy with Avature, their HR technology partner.

“Avature is the agile and responsive backbone to our TA technology landscape,” said the head of TA strategy and technologies at Siemens. “It’s not just a tool for us. It’s a different way of how you approach talent acquisition.”

What’s keeping your HR strategy from joining the future? Learn how Avature, a HERC Trustee partner, has helped institutions and organizations achieve results such as:

  • 40 percent reduction in time to fill
  • 51 percent reduction in the average cost to source
  • 39 percent reduction in overall recruitment spend
  • 47 percent reduction in agency spend

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