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Getting Started with the HERC Job Board

If you are a new member of HERC or an existing member, this page has all the information you need to get started with our job board and all of its great features. HERC members rated our unlimited job posting package as the most valued member benefit, but there are many other job board benefits included in your membership. 

Learn how to create your HERC job board account and review the job posting options available. Or familiarize yourself with the rest of your membership package including how to access our CV/resume database and create an Enhanced Member Profile. You can find it all here!​​


Welcome, let's create your new account!

If you are a new member ready to create your account with HERC or an existing member wanting to learn more about available posting options you can find the steps or information needed in this section. Follow these three steps to create your new jobseeker account:

Step 1) Review your job posting options


Step 2) Download and fill out new account form

By completing the HERC Member Job Posting Form you are a few steps away from getting your jobs posted to the HERC site.  The form helps to establish your account by providing information about your institution, member demographic data, account user information and access rights.  The HERC team will review your form and be in touch regarding your job postings selections.

Need information? Set-up a call to learn/walk thru your job posting options - If you are unsure about the options available and want to further discuss best approach we are here to help.  Please contact HERC Technology Support Team: and/or or call 888-491-8833, press 4 for employers then dial ext. 2334


Step 3) Email your new account form, institution logo & optional campus photos

In order to get your account established you will need to email your completed form and logo to our technology support team: and carbon copy your regional director.

  • Logo's will be used on the job board and our website
  • Logo's should be less than 200 pixels wide and can be sent as JPG or GIF files
  • We always welcome high resolution photos of your campus to be included on the regional website or select communications.
  • Please include a brief statement giving HERC permission to leverage your creative assets (photos & logo)


Review The Pros and Cons of Each Job Posting Option

Manual Option

Manual posting is a great solution if you post 10 jobs or less each month, you can post your jobs directly via your HERC account. Once your account is established you simply login to your account and go to the ‘Post Jobs’ page to create a new job. Once a job is posted, you’ll be able to edit your active postings, as well as copy current or previous postings to create new jobs, via the ‘Manage Jobs’ section of your account. Manually posted jobs go live 20 minutes or sooner from the time you post/edit a job.

Cost: No Charge

PROS: Your jobs will be accurately returned in all job seeker searches, job alerts and dual-career searches.

CONS: If you have more than 10 jobs per month, this method is not as efficient as automated options.

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Bulkposting/Cross posting Option

Bulkposting/Cross posting is a convenient and automated way to post multiple jobs at once replacing the hassle of posting each job manually via the Career Center website.  A bulkpost file is intended to support jobs posted from one location.  A cross post file is intended to support jobs posted from multiple locations, allowing the file to post to multiple accounts.   If you have more than 10 jobs per month, you may wish to setup a bulkpost/cross-post file and send it to us via a FTP server instead of manually posting jobs. Once your account is setup you can verify your file via the online verification tool (Bulkpost tool or Cross-Post tool) in your HERC account.  When you are ready to go live with your file, please contact our technology team,  Please email our technology support team: and so we can activate your bulkpost posting or cross-posting option and provide you with the access and credentials to upload your file to the FTP server. We process bulkpost/crosspost files every night so jobs are updated by the morning.

*Cost: Bulkpost – No Charge,  Cross-Post - $150/hr for development.  Any adjustments/fixes on broken Cross-Post Feeds: $150/hr

PROS: Jobs are mapped to all of the job posting fields on the HERC site so your jobs will match accurately in job seeker searches and job alerts for improved response rate.

CONS: Requires resources to do the initial setup of the file. Ongoing maintenance of the file is minimal; however, occasionally you may need to review and edit your file if an import fails (our system will email you confirmation of the file processing and alert you to any errors).

Bulkpost/Cross post documentation:

*Costs are passed through from our job board provider Boxwood Technology Inc.

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XML/RSS Feed Option

XML/RSS feed are available with many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  If you have larger numbers of jobs to post but prefer not to setup a bulkpost file, you can provide us with an XML/RSS feed that we will convert into our format. Reach out to your ATS provider to determine if they offer an XML and/or RSS feed.  Our development team will analyze the feed to determine if it meets the proper criteria.  We process feeds every night so jobs are updated daily. Please email our technology support team: and your ATS’s URL feed or XML file for analysis and development.

*Cost: $500 setup fee per feed.  Any adjustments/fixes to broken feeds: $150/hr

PROS: Jobs can be mapped to multiple search categories on the HERC site so your jobs show up more often in job seeker searches, job alerts and dual-career searches (provided you include our site’s fields in your feed).

CONS: Ongoing maintenance of your feed is minimal; however, occasionally you may need to review and edit your feed if it fails for some reason (our system will email you confirmation of the feed processing and alert you to any errors).

Current ATS Integrations to HERC:

Some ATS providers have no cost for development or integration.  Consult with ATS provider to determine if they charge additional fees for development and integration.

If you do not see your ATS provider listed please reach out to them to determine if they are able to provide a feed.  

*Costs are passed through from our job board provider Boxwood Technology Inc.

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Spider/Scraper Option

If you have larger numbers of jobs to post but prefer not to setup a bulkpost file or provide us with an RSS/XML feed, we may be able to spider your site and import jobs to your HERC account. Not all sites are suitable for spidering, so we will need to evaluate your site to determine if this is a viable option for you. Please email  Please email our technology support team: and the URL of the page(s) to be spidered for evaluation. Once setup, your HERC jobs will be updated every night to reflect the jobs on your institution’s website.

*Cost: $1,000 setup fee per spider.  Any adjustments/fixes to broken spiders: $600 per spider.

PROS: No staff time or resources are required to setup or maintain your spider; however, we may need assistance from you if changes are made to your website that impact the functionality of the spider.

CONS: Sometimes in the spidering process, full job descriptions and information can be lost, so it’s possible your jobs may lose some content. In addition, because we will only have access to the fields you use on your site, your jobs may not map to all of HERC’s search options. That means your jobs could show up in fewer search results, job alerts, and dual-career searches than those posted by other methods.

*refer to Spider Agreement for more information on this option.

*Costs are passed through from our job board provider Boxwood Technology Inc.

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Custom Options

If you are looking for an alternative to the methods outlined above, please contact our technology support team: and/or to discuss your needs. 

HC Pros builds custom XML feeds for multiple ATS systems. 

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Job Distributor/Ad Agency

HERC has partnered with JobTarget & JobElephant to support members in automating their job posting options via a job distributor.

JobTarget’s Recruitment Platform enables academic institutions to get more qualified candidates applying to their open positions. With Recruitment Platform, get in front of the right candidates by easily posting jobs to their network of 20,000+ job sites, optimize spend by taking advantage of exclusive discounts for job sites and stay informed by harnessing the power of Big Data with their suite of analytics. JobTarget also offers OFCCP compliance and diversity outreach services. Hundreds of academic institutions are already utilizing Recruitment Platform to Hire. Better. Faster. Join the revolution!

HERC Member Discount HERC members are eligible for a free access to JobTarget’s Recruitment Platform. Distribute, manage and track multiple media from one central location. Start today and receive 10% off additional services like OFCCP Compliance & Diversity Outreach!


JobElephant is driven to simplify and expedite recruitment advertising by facilitating the placement of ads with speed, exceptional customer service and maximum value to our clients.  Our superior technology allows us to automate a large portion of our ad placement as well as track every ad we place, critically informing us which media outlets offer the best return on each client’s investment.  We place ads anywhere!  If you can Google it, we can post it.  

HERC Member Discount HERC members will receive Free, on demand analytical reports for all jobs posted by Jobelephant.  Quarterly, Annual reports or real time campaign data will be available to all HERC members when posting jobs through Jobelephant.


Andy Boom, Director of Business Development

*If you work with other job distributors or an ad agency please contact our technology support team:  or to determine if automation can be supported.


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Job Board Features & Manuals

Intro summarizing benefits

HERC offers many member benefits but the most valuable benefit is HERC's unlimited job postings.  Also included with your job board account is the ability to access HERC’s CV/Resume Database, Job Posting statistics and best of all developing your own Enhanced Member Profile.  You can find the instructions and guides right here!


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Title: HERC Job Posting Options for Member Institutions
Description: This 8 minute webinar is intended for members of HERC who are responsible for posting jobs to the HERC website. The webinar provides options for posting jobs to the HERC website via spider, bulkpost and manual posting methods.
 Carrie McIntyre, VP Business Development, Boxwood Technology
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