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Join an Existing HERC

HERC membership is open to all accredited institutions of higher education whose main campus is located within the geographic scope of an existing HERC. Some HERCs also welcome non- and for-profit organizations that share or support the HERC vision and mission.

When you join HERC, you'll help your institution achieve lasting results by gaining access to a rich network of peers at neighboring institutions in your region, advanced job board and dual career search technology, greater exposure for your open positions, and access to a highly educated and unusually diverse pool of jobseekers. Add the free professional development conferences and webinars that keep you up to date on cutting edge recruitment and retention strategies and tools, and the purchasing power that comes with pooled resources, and you may wonder why you waited so long!

Joining an existing HERC is quick and easy.

  1. Visit the Regional HERC page to determine if there is a HERC that covers your geographic region. Every HERC is unique. Some HERCs may encompass only a major metropolitan and surrounding area, others may cover all or a portion of a single state, while others may cover portions of many states or an entire region.
  2. If you see a HERC whose geographical scope includes your area, contact the Regional Director via the email link to request additional information. The Director will send you a packet of information and schedule a telephone meeting to provide a more in-depth view of that particular HERC and answer any questions you may have.
  3. If you decide to join, an invoice for the membership fee will be sent to you and the regional Director will begin the process of integrating your institution into the consortium.
  4. Job posting accounts (no-cost) for the individuals at your institution who handle the actual postings will be set up immediately and your organizational presence on the website (logo, institutional profile, links to you home page) can be established in a matter of days. If your institution will be posting positions manually, the HERC Director will provide an online demonstration of the very user-friendly process. If your institution will be uploading your jobs via an automated batch process, the HERC technology vendor will work directly with you and any third party you may be using to set up the specifications and coding for the batch upload. As soon as your jobs are posted, your HERC Director will show you how to access your job posting statistics so that you can monitor performance.

Welcome to HERC!

Eddie Freeman
“Outreach to diverse candidates during recruiting is essential. HERC has partnerships with organizations whose constituents are women, minorities, GLBT, and disabled. Our campus knows that by posting jobs on the HERC website we are reaching an extremely diverse talent pool.”

- Eddie Freeman, Executive Director, Employment & Equal Opportunity Services, The University of Texas at Arlington

Title: How has your experience with HERC enriched your professional HR career?
Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Washington University in St. Louis
Title: How does HERC contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Mary Harvey, Associate Provost for Program Development, University of Chicago
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