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Form a New HERC

HERC has 19 regions across the U.S. and is growing. If your campus is interested in harnessing the collective resources in your region to recruit, hire, and retain the most diverse and talented faculty, staff, and executives it is time to consider launching a regional HERC.


It typically takes a year to launch a regional HERC, including a discovery phase, introductory meeting, advisory board formation, and implementation phase. The Central office will guide you through the process, but the beauty of regional governance is that you can customize aspects of the consortium to best serve your region. There is also an opportunity to secure matching funds to offset costs and help kick-start your regional HERC.


To learn more about a launching a HERC in your region, please complete this form and our staff will contact you to discuss the start up grant, “regional readiness,” and initial strategies. 

Kimberly Wilson
“University of Richmond holds diversity as an institutional value and HERC ensures that our jobs reach an extremely diverse talent pool through the HERC jobs websites.”

- Kimberly Wilson, HR Business Partner, University of Richmond

Title: Why is it important to bring the higher education community together?
Lorraine Goffe-Rush, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Washington University in St. Louis
Title: What does it take to form a HERC in a new region?
Nancy Aebersold, Founder & Executive Director, HERC
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