(Re)Starting Your Job Search on HERCJobs.org

 Marketing Director   January 4, 2021  Job Search

Job search button on keyboard

Just getting started with your job search on HERCJobs.org? Or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve used the website and it’s time for a refresher. You can always browse job listings and employer profiles, but HERCJobs.org is more than just a job board.

Here are some tools and resources that you may not know about:

Create (or Update!) Your Job Seeker Profile

Our job posters (i.e., colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education) can search for candidates using our resume/CV database. To be included in our resume/CV database, you need to create a job seeker profile.

You can fill out our profile form or upload your resume/CV and our platform will convert it into our profile format (you’ll have the opportunity to edit and fix any formatting issues). You can upload other documents to your profile, such as a cover letter, writing samples, and portfolios.

This video tutorial walks you through the steps to set up a profile:

Set Up a Job Alert

There’s no need for you to return to the website every day to check if any new listings have been added. When you create a job alert, you’ll get an email notification whenever new jobs fitting your criteria are published on HERCJobs.org. You can set up multiple job alerts and you can change or delete them easily.

Check out this video tutorial on creating a job alert:

Conduct a Dual Career Search

Does your partner also have a career in higher ed? We offer a Dual Career Search tool to make it easier for couples to find jobs in the same area. The tool allows you to find jobs that meet both you and your partner’s job search criteria. You can also select the distance between jobs.

Watch our video tutorial on using our Dual Career Search tool:

Get Career Advice

From ebooks to webinars to blog posts, you can access career resources on a wide variety of topics, from creating resumes and cover letters to job searching and interviewing tips to achieving a work/life balance. Our career coaches and subject-matter experts also provide guidance on higher ed-specific topics, such as how to make a career change within higher ed and how underrepresented faculty and staff can manage ‘cultural taxation.’

We hope you’ve learned about at least one new way to leverage HERCJobs.org in your higher ed job search!