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About Greater Texas HERC


To promote equity and excellence in higher education recruitment in the state of Texas.


Greater Texas HERC advances member institutions’ ability to recruit and retain the most diverse and talented workforce and to assist dual-career couples.

GTX HERC is a collaborative response of higher education institutions to the many challenges of academic recruitment and retention, with a particular focus on diversity and dual-career partners. GTX HERC currently includes members across the state of Texas.

GTX HERC is part of the national HERC network, creating the largest database of higher education and related jobs in the world. HERC brings together more than 700 colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies, and related non- and for-profit organizations.

Our site offers a search engine that includes faculty and staff job listings at all member institutions. This search engine is free and available to anyone seeking employment in higher education, research, healthcare (medical centers), and arts and culture. The central location of job postings and regional resources as well as the website's ability to accommodate national dual-career searches distinguishes Greater Texas HERC from other employment websites.

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  • Attract the most talented and diverse candidates to our member institutions.
  • Advance the efforts of member institutions to assist dual-career couples.
  • Promote Texas higher education as an employment sector of choice.
  • Ensure our members remain on the cutting edge of best recruitment and retention practices.

The Greater Texas HERC was reformed in 2016 by merging the North Texas HERC and South Central Gulf of Texas HERC. The merge was a collaborative response to the many challenges of academic recruitment and retention in the Greater Texas region.  Our core values include excellence and diversity in the Texas higher education workforce and the promotion of work/life balance through assistance to dual career

Who We Are

The Greater Texas HERC is a non-profit organization composed of a diverse group of colleges and universities, doctoral and master’s institutions, four-year colleges, and community colleges. Member representatives include institutional leaders, faculty, academic and faculty affairs professionals, human resources managers and administrators, diversity officers, dual career consultants, and work-life personnel.

Greater Texas HERC is governed by an Advisory Board drawn from its member institutions and administered by the Greater Texas HERC Director.

John Kendzior
"Harvard University has been a supporter of HERC since its creation. To date we have measured the organization's effectiveness for us, and our membership has definitely returned more to the University when compared to our annual investment. In less than one year, Harvard saved nearly $35,000 in advertising discounts. In addition to recruiting some strong talent, we have collaborated with colleagues from peer institutions on a number of activities, including diversity-based forums, vendor negotiations, and membership meetings. HERC has also helped accompanying spouses and partners of faculty and administrators with their recruitment needs."

- John Kendzior, Director, Advanced Leadership Initiative, Harvard University

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