The Global Academic Careers Guide – Free ebook

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The Global Academic Careers Guide – Free ebook from

The Global Academic Careers Guide – Free ebook from

Thinking about working overseas? Looking for a new challenge?

As an academic, you’re used to the idea of international competition for students. At every university there is a growing cohort of students from around the world, and ongoing efforts to maximize the university’s international reach. From overseas satellite campuses to targeted recruiting, it’s an everyday reality. But alongside these new opportunities for students, there are corresponding opportunities for academics – and, indeed, an international competition for the best candidates.

As academics become increasingly mobile and more broad – universities worldwide actively seek those with international experience, a world of opportunity exists for the global academic.

This free ebook from will tell you more about the scale of new global market, help you consider the pros and cons of seeking employment outside your nation of origin, and give you important information that will improve your success rate if you do decide to give working abroad a try.

Who should read this ebook?

Anyone who is considering applying for faculty jobs abroad.

It may also be helpful to staff involved in recruiting academics, as it provides a good overview of the issues they face.

This ebook covers:

· Academics in the global job market

· Preparing for an international job search

· Carrying out your international job search

· How to present yourself as a strong international candidate

· Preparing for and succeeding at an international job interviews

· Success: What you need to do before you go

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