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Information for Prospective Member Institutions

The Upper Midwest HERC welcomes new members! Membership is open to all accredited institutions of higher education in Minnesota, eastern North Dakota, eastern South Dakota, and western Wisconsin.  When you join the Upper Midwest HERC, you'll help your institution 1) improve its recruitment and retention efforts through greater regional and national exposure for your open positions, 2) gain access to a highly educated and unusually diverse pool of jobseekers, 3) offer free professional development opportunities to faculty and staff, and 4) capitalize on the purchasing power that comes with pooled resources.  To learn more about the benefits of HERC membership, watch and listen to the UMW Prospective Member Webinar.

Membership Eligibility

To be a member of the Upper Midwest HERC, institutions must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Operate as an accredited institution or non-profit organization located principally in the Upper Midwest.
  2. Pay membership dues to UMW HERC.
  3. Maintain current and accurate listings of open academic and staff positions on the UMW HERC’s website.
  4. Support the UMW HERC’s efforts to track data as a means to measure the Consortium’s progress.

Contact the Upper Midwest HERC Director to schedule a time to talk about how membership will benefit your institution.  For additional information on HERC's governance, visit the HERC Governance page.

Benefits of HERC Membership:

  • Increases institutional visibility.  The HERC web site exposes job seekers from outside the region to institutions they had not previously known existed.  Links from the National HERC web site and individual institutions draw attention to positions at member institutions. 
  • Facilitates dual-career searches.  The HERC web site permits couples to simultaneously seek two positions in the region or subregion.  Couples that had not originally targeted the Upper Midwest may be attracted to the region or its subregions by the possibility of dual-career success or opportunities.  The HERC web site lists the major corporate employers in subregions to accommodate nonacademic accompanying spouses/partners.
  • Attracts passive job seekers.  The HERC web site electronic alerts and social media messages notify users of the existence of appropriate positions in the region, thereby drawing immediate attention to job openings and attracting passive job seekers.
  • Encourages candidate retention and position acceptance.   The HERC web site provides for the early identification of potential employers or specific job opportunities for spouses/partners.  An accompanying spouse/partner may begin his/her job search at the same time the primary hire is considering the member institution.
  • Promotes the region and subregions.  Lists of area resources (e.g., diversity, cultural, historic, natural) and videos highlight a subregion’s quality of life and the amenities available to residents.
  • Facilitates candidate communication.  HERC promotional items such as postcards and bookmarks can be conveniently included in departmental and institutional materials.  This is a proactive way for units to initiate dual-career assistance.
  • Allows for cost-effective and efficient posting of ALL job openings at an institution.  There is only one yearly fee and it covers the posting of every position at an institution.  This allows for national marketing of all jobs, not just administrative or faculty positions.  
  • Indicates work/life sensitivity.  An institution’s HERC investment substantiates its commitment to being a family-friendly employer.
  • Creates institutional synergy.  The existence of the consortium demonstrates to legislators, alumni, businesses and other stakeholders that the higher education community is working together to promote the region.
  • Fosters resource sharing.  Member institutions are part of a network sharing recruitment and retention best practices.  HERC members gather several times per year to learn from one another, share experiences and hear salient topics addressed by nationally-known speakers.  In addition, HERC members circulate resumes/vitae of accompanying spouses/partners, allowing for more efficient assistance to these couples.
  • Facilitates job amalgamation.  The HERC web site gives existing or prospective part-time faculty one source for piecing together positions at several area colleges.

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