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About HERC

HERC is a non-profit consortium of over 700 colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies, and related non- and for-profit organizations. Consortium members share a commitment to hiring the most diverse and talented faculty, staff, and executives.

What HERC Offers Jobseekers

HERC is a gateway to more jobs in higher education and related fields than any other website. This means you have access to excellent faculty, research, staff and executive positions at employers around the country. If you’re part of a dual-career couple HERC has tools to help you and your partner find jobs within a commutable distance.

What HERC Offers Member Institutions

Is your campus hiring the most outstanding and diverse faculty, staff, and executives? Do you have a successful strategy for assisting dual-career couples? Interested in pooling resources to increase your campus' effectiveness in these areas?

Find out how HERC member institutions work together to strategically address these recruitment priorities. HERC has developed leading regional & national higher education jobs websites, diverse job seeker pools & a network of colleagues at nearby campuses who collaborate on dual-career hiring issues and convene regularly for professional development opportunities. Members also receive special pricing from numerous higher education vendors, often saving more than the cost of membership.

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What HERC Offers Corporate & Non-Profit Partners

HERC offers partners the opportunity to present business solutions and information about their organizations to higher education human resources, chief academic officer, and diversity leaders – the individuals responsible for purchasing decisions at their institutions.

Learn how partnering with HERC can help your organization

Janet Fleetwood
“Membership in HERC demonstrates Drexel’s commitment to recruiting practices that are engaged, transparent, and equitable. By listing our open positions for faculty and professional staff, Drexel shows its enduring commitment to a diverse and supportive academic environment.”

- Janet Fleetwood, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Strategic Development and Initiatives & Professor, Drexel University School of Public Health, Drexel University

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  1. Why college debt shouldn't stop graduates from starting a business

    College graduates don't have to let student debt drown their hopes of starting their own business, entrepreneur Daniel Wesley explains in this commentary. "Channel the work ethic and determination that helped you succeed in college to stay on the path to your business goals," Wesley writes. Entrepreneur online (6/30)
    01 Jul 2016 12:34:41 CDT
  2. Work-life integration may be better than work-life balance

    Instead of attempting to balance work and life, a work-life integration approach that includes co-working spaces with day care services or family-friendly networking events may be preferable, writes Amber Anderson. "Let's embrace that things have changed: that we have tried the 'having-it-all' thing and it wasn't working," she writes. Forbes (6/30)
    01 Jul 2016 12:34:41 CDT
  3. Strategies for answering the "dream job" interview question

    U.S. News & World Report (6/30)
    01 Jul 2016 12:34:41 CDT
  4. Public employees' pension contributions on the rise

    Employee contributions to public pension plans have risen in recent years as states have made reforms since 2009. The median employee contribution rate reached 6% in 2014, up from 5.7% in 2012, according to a report from the National Association of State Retirement Administrators released earlier this year. Reuters (6/29)
    01 Jul 2016 12:34:41 CDT
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Title: What is HERC?
Nancy Aebersold, Founder & Executive Director, HERC
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