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New Jersey - Eastern Pennsylvania - Delaware HERC

Developed in 2006, the NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is a collaborative response of member institutions to the many challenges ofacademic recruitment and retention. Of particular interest to the NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is finding effective ways to assist the spouses and partners of faculty and staff to secure area employment and ways to address issues of faculty and staff diversity.

A vital aspect of the NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is the web-based search engine that includes faculty and staff job listings at all member institutions. This search engine is free and available to anyone seeking employment in higher education. The central location of job postings and regional resources as well as the website's ability to accommodate dual-career searches distinguishes NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC from other employment websites.

The NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is composed of a diverse group of public and independent schools, colleges, and universities. Member representatives include faculty, staff, human resources professionals, institutional leaders, and faculty relations experts.

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New Jersey - Eastern Pennsylvania - Delaware HERC covers New Jersey, northeastern Pennsylvania, central Pennsylvania, southeastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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    Academics can harm their careers by not having enough mentors or failing to be known beyond their own institution, writes Robert Sternberg, provost and senior vice president at Oklahoma State University. In this commentary, he details 15 ways academics can undermine their own success. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free content) (4/29)
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    Although US economic growth has been disappointing, measuring at a 0.5% annual rate during the first quarter of 2016, the job market continues to perform well. "The consumer is fundamentally sound, as is the housing market," said HSBC Chief US Economist Kevin Logan, who noted that "the global economy and commodities are weak." The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (4/28)
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