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Older Job Seekers

How to Own Your Career Gap with Confidence

If you’re job-searching and worried about how to explain a career...

Older Job Seekers
Tips for Age Proofing Your Resume - Older higher ed professional smiling at camera

Tips for Age-Proofing Your Resume

There may come a time in your career when you'll feel...

Older Job Seekers
Person looking at laptop, participating in virtual team meeting

Identifying and Managing Workplace Culture

Historically, workplace culture has been an excuse to invalidate applicants based...

Older Job Seekers

How To Determine if a School or University Is Truly Committed to…

The job seems perfect. You’re being courted by a top-notch university....

Older Job Seekers
A senior couple looking into the camera smiling

Higher Education Job Search Tips for Older Employees

“Teaching and learning have always been intergenerational processes,” shares Dr. Heather...

Older Job Seekers
Senior teacher assisting male student during computer class with classmates in the background

A Lifetime of Learning: Why Older Employees Should Consider Higher Ed Careers

Higher education institutions have always benefited from the wisdom and experience...

Older Job Seekers
Young professional in wheelchair reading a notebook with a seated colleague

Returning to the higher education workforce after a hiatus

Returning to the workplace after taking time out can be a...