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About Central Midwest HERC

The Central Midwest HERC's vision is to promote equity and excellence in higher education recruitment worldwide and to be a premier resource for recruitment and retention of highly trained, diverse applicants to higher education institutions and community partners in the region.


To advance the ability of member institutions to recruit and retain the most diverse and talented workforce and to assist dual-career couples. 


To facilitate dual-career and diversity hiring at member institutions through the sharing of best practices, information, and resources, as well as the cultivation of partnerships to further shared goals and interests.


The Central Midwest HERC seeks to:

  • Create a robust, multi-institution network that strengthens participating institutions and the region as a whole;
  • Serve as a recruiting, marketing, and professional development resource for HERC member institutions;
  • Enhance the ability of member institutions to connect spouses/partners of candidates and new hires to regional employment opportunities, including through partnerships with key partners from business and industry;
  • Generate cost savings and efficiencies for member institutions through education regarding the national discount and cooperative advertising programs, partnerships, and services; and
  • Evaluate HERC’s qualitative and quantitative return on investment.


The Central Midwest HERC is governed by an Advisory Board drawn from its member institutions and administered through the University of Iowa (UI). The program coordination will be performed by the Central Midwest HERC Director, a UI employee.  As such, the UI will provide accounting services, technology support, personnel services, and business and grant administrative services. 

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Daphne Smith
"HERC is an integral part of our core recruitment strategy and serves as repository of resources and information on higher education issues. This membership and partnership is invaluable to DePaul University HR Staffing Department. "

- Daphne Smith, Staffing Manager, DePaul University

Heather Yu
"I’m part of a dual-career couple and HERC enabled me to find the perfect part-time Neuroscience fellowship at Stonehill College."

- Heather Yu, PhD, Neuroscience Fellow, Stonehill College

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