Cover Letter Tips for Veterans (Video)

 Marketing Director   September 15, 2023  CV/Resume Advice

Cover Letter Tips for Veterans: Higher ed professional working in lab

Need cover letter tips? It helps to first review what the purpose of a cover letter is. It serves as your introduction to the employer and tells your story as it directly relates to the position’s responsibilities and qualifications. The cover letter summarizes what you bring to the employer and the role, however, it should not be a repeat of your resume. 

When crafting your cover letter, think of the entirety of your career as you share why you’re a good fit for the position. And perhaps most importantly, remember that the cover letter helps persuade the employer to invite you to an interview. Just like the resume, each cover letter should be tailored specifically to the job opportunity. 

The video provides cover letter tips and a sample format with a breakdown of each section.

Resource links referenced in the video:

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About the Author: Sara Ermeti has worked in HR leadership for nearly 30 years in various industries such as higher education, NFP, Religious, Financial, Entertainment, and Transportation. She is also an adjunct professor teaching courses in HR and Business. Sara is a certified coach and resume writer offering individual and business consulting through Esperto HR Office.