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New Jersey - Eastern Pennsylvania - Delaware HERC

Developed in 2006, the NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is a collaborative response of member institutions to the many challenges ofacademic recruitment and retention. Of particular interest to the NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is finding effective ways to assist the spouses and partners of faculty and staff to secure area employment and ways to address issues of faculty and staff diversity.

A vital aspect of the NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is the web-based search engine that includes faculty and staff job listings at all member institutions. This search engine is free and available to anyone seeking employment in higher education. The central location of job postings and regional resources as well as the website's ability to accommodate dual-career searches distinguishes NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC from other employment websites.

The NJ/Eastern PA/DE HERC is composed of a diverse group of public and independent schools, colleges, and universities. Member representatives include faculty, staff, human resources professionals, institutional leaders, and faculty relations experts.



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New Jersey - Eastern Pennsylvania - Delaware HERC covers New Jersey, northeastern Pennsylvania, central Pennsylvania, southeastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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  1. Explaining a resume gap to prospective employers

    If you have a gap in your resume due to personal circumstances, be honest but brief to explain why, Vicki Salemi writes. If you were let go by a previous employer because of cutbacks, highlight your performance strengths and ensure that you have references who will vouch for you. U.S. News & World Report (5/23)
    25 May 2018 12:39:09 CDT
  2. Venture out of your circle, seek a mentor to get re-inspired

    To pull yourself out of a career rut, spend time with people who motivate you and reach out to networks outside of your usual circle, Ashley Stahl writes. Seek advice from a sponsor, join a mastermind group and consider getting a career coach. Forbes (5/24)
    25 May 2018 12:39:09 CDT
  3. How to stand out with a short cover letter

    Fast Company online (5/23)
    25 May 2018 12:39:09 CDT
  4. Women less confident in making retirement investments

    Only 35% of college-educated women report feeling confident they can manage investments in their self-directed retirement accounts, compared with 60% of college-educated men and 41% of men who only hold high-school diplomas, according to a Federal Reserve survey. The difference may be exacerbating the gap in retirement savings between the genders, writes Jordan Yadoo. WealthManagement (5/23)
    25 May 2018 12:39:09 CDT
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