Out on the Job Search: A Webinar for LGBTQ+ Higher Ed Job Seekers

 Marketing Director   October 1, 2018  Career Advice

Shelley Diamond

Is there a “right time” to come out to a prospective employer? What challenges do dual career gay and lesbian couples face in the academic job market? How can you determine if your future colleagues will welcome not only your talents and work experience, but you? Access this webinar for LGBTQ+ job seekers, led by Rochelle “Shelley” Diamond, and discover how to find an affirming higher ed workplace where you can thrive.

Shelley Diamond is an applications specialist and facility manager of Caltech’s Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting Facility, and the chair of the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP). In the nearly forty years since Shelley was involuntarily outed at work and subsequently let go from her job, much has changed; yet members of the LGBTQ+ community still face significant obstacles when navigating the academic job search. Shelley will share her own experience and those of her peers, while drawing on the latest data on LGBTQ+ job seekers in academia. Shelley hopes to inspire you to bring your authentic self to your job search and your career.

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Webinar transcripts available upon request, please email marketing@hercjobs.org