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The Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC) provides the largest higher education job board in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our board lists open faculty, staff, and executive positions at over 50 colleges and universities. You can search for jobs in the entire Upper Midwest region or narrow your search to a particular sub-region—Lakes and Valley, Lake Superior, Minneapolis – St. Paul Metropolitan Area, Mississippi Valley or Southern Prairie. UMW HERC institutions prioritize inclusive hiring and promote workplace equity. Beyond individual job searches, we offer dual career searches to assist couples in finding jobs within a commutable distance of each other.

The Upper Midwest HERC encompasses a diversity of people, landscapes, and lifestyles.  From towns in the pristine northern forests to international ports on Lake Superior, communities on the rolling Great Plains, river towns along the Mississippi, and to the vibrant twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the homes of UMW HERC institutions offer an excellent quality of life. We hope UMW HERC’s career and community resources will help you conduct an informed and productive job search.

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Explore our filmed testimonials to learn what those who accepted positions at UMW HERC institutions have to say about living and working in the region. Learn how the Upper Midwest HERC can help recent college graduates find employment within higher education.


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Jonathan Aurand, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dunwoody College
Phoebe Johnson, Senior Director, User Support, University of Minnesota

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