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Stressed out businesswoman on the phone and looking at her laptop from home

Stress relief when working remotely: How to scale up social—not physical—contact

Working remotely certainly has it perks, but it also has some...

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Portrait of senior woman smiling from a table

Being productive while working remotely

Remote working is becoming increasingly widespread, as institutions see the benefits...

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Portrait of happy mature man with white, grey stylish short beard looking at camera outdoors

Tips for higher education professionals working from home

Most higher education faculty, staff, and administrators aren’t fully accustomed to...

Nikki Vivian

What is Imposter Syndrome and How Can You Overcome It?

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon whereby a person has serious...

Nikki Vivian

Not a professor? Not a problem: Eight Unexpected Careers in Higher Education

Working in higher education isn’t just for researchers and teachers. Higher...

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Two colleagues having a conversation. One is holding a cup of coffee.

Informational Interviews Explained

The word “interview” can often send us into a panic. We...

Nikki Vivian

How to Make a Career Change Within Higher Education

Nowadays, career changes are becoming increasingly common. Employers are starting to...

Nikki Vivian

What is work-life balance and how do we go about achieving it?

Work-life balance is one of those terms that gets thrown around...

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Young professional in wheelchair reading a notebook with a seated colleague

Returning to the higher education workforce after a hiatus

Returning to the workplace after taking time out can be a...