Succeeding at the Academic Job Search in the Sciences

 bernadette   January 3, 2017  Career Advice

[Webinar Recording] Elizabeth LeClair, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at DePaul University (Chicago) provided an insider’s view as to who gets hired for academic positions in the sciences at teaching institutions and how applicants can prepare. Topics included, but were not limited to, application preparation, interviews, why the dinner is especially important, how to stand out, whether you should send additional materials with the application (the response may surprise you), what to do if your teaching experience is limited and who gets interviews. Her candid responses are enlightening.

This webinar is essential for those applying for academic positions at teaching institutions. Note: Other institutions may have different policies regarding topics including negotiation and the two-body problem and jobseekers will need to decide for themselves how best to approach such issues. Attendees described this webinar as “inspiring.”


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