Who Inspired you to be a Faculty Member?

 herc   February 24, 2016  Salary

To honor and celebrate our nations’ educators, HERC Trustee Partner, PeopleAdmin, a leader in talent management software for K-12 and higher education, recently launched the Inspired2Educate recognition program. Inspired2Educate encourages current education professionals at all K-20 schools and grades — from kindergarten to doctoral programs — to nominate via video or in writing a teacher, administrator or staff member who inspired them to start their careers in education. Each month, PeopleAdmin will review entries and award one person with a $1,000 scholarship for their own professional development, as well as $1,000 for their educational institution to use however it sees fit. Please share your Inspired2Educate story at https://www.peopleadmin.com/inspired2educate.