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Scientist looking into microscope

Cultivating Happiness by Building Resilience in the Academic Workplace, Part Two

Part One of this article explored the importance of the foundational...

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Two colleagues have an animated discussion at work

Cultivating Happiness by Building Resilience in the Academic Workplace: Part One

You’ve worked hard to reach your current position, but achievement in...

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concentrating scientist in lab coat working with microscope in chemical lab

Q&A: How to Apply to Federal Jobs

The "How to Apply to Federal Jobs" webinar with Smithsonian's Human...

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Young professional in wheelchair reading a notebook with a seated colleague

Returning to the higher education workforce after a hiatus

Returning to the workplace after taking time out can be a...

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How to Apply to Federal Jobs: Webinar

The federal job application process can be daunting, as you navigate...

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Shelley Diamond HERC Webinar

Out on the Job Search: A Webinar for LGBTQ+ Higher Ed Job…

Is there a “right time” to come out to a prospective...

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Four Simple Steps to Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

You know that creating a solid cover letter and resume are...

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3 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

Along with qualifying examinations and original research, career-seekers beginning or advancing...

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The Truth about Workplace Feedback

The next time you receive feedback in the workplace consider this:...

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Top Tips For Answering Competency Questions

(This article originally appeared on the website in August 2015)...