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AI Tools for Job Seekers: From Resumes to Interview Prep

Are you using artificial intelligence to find and land your next...

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Higher ed professional asking for higher pay during meeting with leadership

Higher Pay: How to Figure Out and Ask For What You’re Worth

Have you looked for a new job because you wanted higher...

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Multigenerational team meeting

How to Work Better in a Multigenerational Workplace

“Boomers are bad with tech.” “Millennials are lazy.” “Gen X’ers are...

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Higher ed job seeker submitting application materials on laptop

The Hiring Process: What to Expect After You Hit “Submit”

You found a promising job posting and submitted the requested application...

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Job candidate asking questions at the end of an inteview

Good Questions to Ask at an Interview

After you have submitted application materials to a posted opening, the...

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How to Own Your Career Gap with Confidence

If you’re job-searching and worried about how to explain a career...

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Job Seeker preparing for an interview by reviewing behavioral questions on their laptop.

Prep For the Interview: Review These Questions

You have now been invited to your first interview and need...

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3 Ways to Help Staff Feel Valued and Heard

Good benefits and a healthy work-life balance are important for employee...

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Hiring Process: A candidate being interviewed by a hiring comittee

How to Get In and Show Up During the Hiring Process

Applying for a college or university job can be daunting: thick...

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Higher ed professional reviewing their LinkedIn Profile

5 Reasons Why You Really Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

Recently, multiple people have told me that while they use LinkedIn...