Good Questions to Ask at an Interview

 Marketing Director   May 26, 2023  Interviewing

Job candidate asking questions at the end of a job interview

After you have submitted application materials to a posted opening, the initial application screening process could take up to two weeks, depending on the number of applications received. Should you be selected for an interview (from an initial interview to additional ones), it is important to actively listen to questions that are being posed so that you can respond with confidence and accuracy.  After the interviewer(s) are finished with their round of questions, they will oftentimes ask, “Do you have any questions for me/us?” 

Questions show your level of interest and enthusiasm for the position.

The types of questions that you ask are important, so you will want to think of questions that allow you to understand more about the position and the employer.  Asking questions provides you with additional information about the organization while showing the interviewer(s) how and if you meet their needs and requirements.

Knowing that some of your questions will most likely be answered during the interview itself, go prepared with up to five questions to ask.  However, you should not ask just any question.

Avoid those related to pay and benefits or what the organization can do for you – you can get that information at a later stage in the process.  By researching the organization before you have an interview, you should have an overall sense of their mission and vision which also shows your level of interest in working for them.

So, you may be thinking, ‘What questions are good to ask?”  You can ask clarifying questions of course but stay away from those that could result in yes or no answers as you want to engage with the interviewer to learn more. Keep in mind you are also interviewing them to determine if they will fit your career needs.

Asking good questions during the interview promotes positive dialogue and gives both you and the employer a chance to get to know each other better.

Below are a few sample questions that will give you a start:

  • How will the work that this position performs contribute to the organization’s mission?
  • Why are you hiring for this position?
  • When do you anticipate filling the role?
  • What does growth mean for [Company Name] when it comes to their employees? How does [Company Name] help their employees grow professionally?
  • I read online that [Company Name] describes itself as [3 Value Adjectives]. How would you evaluate the company on living up to those values?
  • Are there any reservations about my fit for the role that I can address?
  • In the first 60-90 days in this role, what are the most important things someone should work toward accomplishing?
  • What are the most important qualities necessary for success in this role?
  • Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?
  • Will I be given a mentor in the company?
  • How will performance and success be measured?
  • What are some common challenges for someone in this position?
  • What are the opportunities for growth in this role?
  • What does a typical day (or week) in the office look like?
    • How does it differ when ‘work from home’ (WFH)?  (If, WFH is an option for the position)
  • Can you give me some background on how this position came about?
  • What would the person who was previously in this role say about their job?
  • To the interview committee:
    • What do you like best about working for the employer or what keeps you here?
    • How would you describe the climate or culture of your department or organization?

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About the Author: Sara Ermeti has worked in HR leadership for nearly 30 years in various industries such as higher education, NFP, Religious, Financial, Entertainment, and Transportation. She is also an adjunct professor teaching courses in HR and Business. Sara is a certified coach and resume writer offering individual and business consulting through Esperto HR Office.