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Career Transitions

Community Colleges May Be a Good Fit for You

After working at two prestigious four-year institutions, Reginald Nichols has spent...

Career Transitions

Tips for a Successful Career Transition

Although every job search presents its own set of unique challenges...

Career Transitions
Is it time to think about a permanent remote work situation?

Now is the time for remote work, so seize the benefits!

Is it time to think about a permanent remote work situation?...

Career Transitions
A woman smiling

Webinar: Preparing for a Successful Higher Education Job Interview

You've done your research, sent in your application, and landed a...

Career Transitions
A non-binary person making a presentation at work

Telling Your Story When Applying for Higher Ed Jobs

How can you define, and confidently communicate, your professional story to...

Career Transitions
Female electrician or technician with screwdriver repairing machine at plant

Not a professor? Not a problem: Eight Unexpected Careers in Higher Education

Working in higher education isn’t just for researchers and teachers. Higher...

Career Transitions
Two colleagues having a conversation. One is holding a cup of coffee.

Informational Interviews Explained

The word “interview” can often send us into a panic. We...

Career Transitions
Portrait of young man, smiling and wearing glasses, in a wheelchair on a college campus

How to make a career change within higher education

Nowadays, career changes are becoming increasingly common. Employers are starting to...

Career Transitions
concentrating scientist in lab coat working with microscope in chemical lab

Q&A: How to Apply to Federal Jobs

The "How to Apply to Federal Jobs" webinar with Smithsonian's Human...

Career Transitions
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How to Apply to Federal Jobs: Webinar

The federal job application process can be daunting, as you navigate...