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Career Transitions

Tips for a Successful Career Transition

Although every job search presents its own set of unique challenges...

Career Transitions
Is it time to think about a permanent remote work situation?

Now is the time for remote work, so seize the benefits!

Is it time to think about a permanent remote work situation?...

Career Transitions
A non-binary person making a presentation at work

Telling Your Story When Applying for Higher Ed Jobs

How can you define, and confidently communicate, your professional story to...

Career Transitions

Not a professor? Not a problem: Eight Unexpected Careers in Higher Education

Working in higher education isn’t just for researchers and teachers. Higher...

Career Transitions
Two colleagues having a conversation. One is holding a cup of coffee.

Informational Interviews Explained

The word “interview” can often send us into a panic. We...

Career Transitions

How to Make a Career Change Within Higher Education

Nowadays, career changes are becoming increasingly common. Employers are starting to...

Career Transitions
concentrating scientist in lab coat working with microscope in chemical lab

Q&A: How to Apply to Federal Jobs

The "How to Apply to Federal Jobs" webinar with Smithsonian's Human...

Career Transitions
American flag

How to Apply to Federal Jobs: Webinar

The federal job application process can be daunting, as you navigate...

Career Transitions
Shelley Diamond HERC Webinar

Out on the Job Search: A Webinar for LGBTQ+ Higher Ed Job…

Is there a “right time” to come out to a prospective...

Career Transitions

The Pros and Cons of Leaving a Position Without a New One

As always, I try to write about real situations as opposed...