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Do’s and Don’ts for Following Up on Your Application

You found a job opportunity that matches what you’re looking for,...

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Tips for a Successful Career Transition

Although every job search presents its own set of unique challenges...

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New to crafting a cover letter? What to include and why - HERC

New to crafting a cover letter? What to include and why

We all know the value of a resume. Even if we...

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A woman smiling

Webinar: Preparing for a Successful Higher Education Job Interview

You've done your research, sent in your application, and landed a...

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A non-binary person making a presentation at work

Telling Your Story When Applying for Higher Ed Jobs

How can you define, and confidently communicate, your professional story to...

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3 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

Along with qualifying examinations and original research, career-seekers beginning or advancing...

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Drafting a Career-Change Resume

The average person will have 12 jobs in his or her...

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The Academic CV: 5 Common Mistakes

Creating an academic CV is a vital part of working in...

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How to Avoid the “I’m Wonderful” Cover Letter

For many jobseekers, the cover letter is a little bit like...

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Can Your Resume Pass the 10-Second Test?

I read a survey recently that concluded that employers can decide...